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Partner Spotlight: GT Spark leader Kenya (People to People International Kenya)


Have you heard the news about the Giving Tuesday Spark campaign in Kenya? People to People International Kenya President & CEO Franklin Okello reached out to us for your help!

This project ensures Educational advancement among rural girls and boys through the provision of full school uniforms, including shoes, underwear, and menstrual hygiene supplies in Western Kenya. Their target for this year is to provide school uniforms to 1,000 students from 30 primary schools to increase school enrollment and student retention. The cost for a full school uniform is $30. The beneficiaries are disadvantaged rural boys and girls and orphans/vulnerable children from different schools within the community.


Most students from marginalized communities wear torn uniforms and shoes to school. Some are forced to 'wash and wear' wet uniforms because the only pair could not dry, while others cannot raise their hands in class to answer questions or approach their teachers for consultation. Torn uniforms reduce students' self-esteem and confidence, causing an increased rate of absenteeism and poor academic performance.

Long-Term Impact

Providing students with school uniforms increases their school enrollment and retention rates by relieving their parents of the burden and freeing the money to pay school fees. It also ensures improved agency among students due to buoyed confidence, self-belief, and positive attitudes due to feelings of self-worth arising from wearing high-quality uniforms resulting in an improvement in their academic performance. Finally, it will provide employment to the local tailors & ensure sustainability.

We will appreciate any form of assistance to support the poor children to be in school.

For more information on how to participate and/or donate:






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