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SAKURA SOIRÉE - A Night in Bloom

Welcome to our first ever, exclusive black-tie [Hanami Soirée] – celebrating the first sakura bloom of the season, partnering with YouMeWe NPO, we are raising awareness about challenges faced by children in institutionalized homes in Japan.

Hanami (花見), a tradition that dates back to the Nara period (710~794), when aristocrats celebrated the beginning of spring with food and drinks. Now, more than 1,000 years later, [Hanami] has become an iconic spring event for all. But why not take it a step more luxurious this year?

Immerse yourself in an evening of elegance, from seasonal Japanese course dinner, live classical melodies, and exhilarating entertainment at the prime Hanami location in central Tokyo.


18:00~reception & cocktailsWith a champagne on hand, look out the beautiful lit up Sakura from the outdoor terrace space, and prepare to indulge for the night.

19:00~[Hanami] dinner & live musicOur gourmet Japanese style course meal is a symphony of flavors that celebrate the spring season.The live music performances by Waka Hadame and Rin Imai will surely elevate the experience to the next level.Waka Hadame(Violin)​Current member of[Chisako Takashima's 12 Violinists]Rin Imai(Viola)Played alongside notable artists, such as Alan Menken, Taro Hakase

20:00~Japanese-style raffle (Tomikuji)Travel back to the Edo period with 富くじ (tomikuji), a Japanese-style raffle to test your luck and win exquisite prizes. (separate raffle ticket charge)

20:30 ~ 22:30 Casino games & sake barStomachs are full, and time to have some lavish fun. Enjoy the rest of the night with Casino games and some high-quality Japanese sake, hand-picked by a special sake sommelier to enjoy the rest of the Hanami night.

Thank you to our sponsors:

- CENTRO LIRICA- Finesse Venturesand more...

[Event Details]

DATE: March 22, 2024 (Friday)

LOCATION: shared only to registrants

DRESS CODE: Black Tie Formal

PRICE: 55,000 yen/person

No payment needed now.

Only 80 seats available.





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