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Nagoya Rainbow Pride 2024

Pride Parade Information


Cost : Free! (Registration will close after reaching the limit of 1,200 participants.)

Wristband Pickup : 11:00am to 1:00pm at the “Headquarters Booth” on the Galaxy Platform of Oasis 21 on the day of the parade

Guidelines for Parade Participation

Dress Code : Wear whatever makes you comfortable, but please avoid overly revealing attire that might cause discomfort to others.

Photography : Please do not take photos of others without their permission. If you prefer not to be photographed, consider wearing sunglasses or other concealing accessories.

Carried Items : Avoid bringing flags, signs, or other items that are excessively tall or potentially hazardous. These can obstruct views and pose risks to participants and vehicles.

Conduct : Alcoholic beverages, smoking, and eating are not permitted during the parade. Non-alcoholic drinks are allowed.

Participation Rules : Once you’ve joined, please remain for the entire parade and follow all directions provided by police officers for everyone’s safety.

FloatsFloat 1 : Pride Float~Let’s show our pride ~♬ brass band

Float 2 : MFAJ+JPN float~Marriage Equality~♬ All MIX(Playlist by DJ Junior)

Float 3 : Transgender Float~Human rights! ~♬Anime Song( Playlist by DJ Oji)

Float 4 : Youth and Sign Language Float~Let’s connect to the future! ~♬ J-POP Idol (Playlist by DJ KEN-G)

Float 5 : Diversity Float~Keep moving forward~♬ J-POP, K-POP, EDM (Playlist by DJ Rascal)

Float 6 : International Float~Let‘s enjoy the finale~♬ Drag Queen & Soundtrack(Playlist by DJ Lyra-h.Grail)

From 13:55 to 14:00 on the stage, there will be a send-off call and announcements about the parade’s precautions. Then, we will ask all participants to move to the upper level, so please gather at the green field.

The parade will start at 14:30.The last parade group will return at 17:00.

Purpose of the Parade

We aim to promote diversity and advocate for equal rights and dignity for all. If you share these objectives, you’re welcome to participate. If these goals don’t align with your views, you may choose not to attend. Nagoya Rainbow Pride 2024

For more information, please see their website at:



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