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That Golden Time Of Year - Golden Week in Japan



It's that golden time of year in Japan, Golden Week! Though these holidays: Showa Day, Constitution Day, Greenery Day, and Children's Day, are a bit spread out, covering more than a week's worth of days, they're a very important time for people in Japan. The last time most people had any length of time off was during the New Year's holidays, so everyone is more than ready for a nice relaxing break!

Many of us may be heading out to see family for the first time since winter, and since the weather is finally starting to warm up, some of us may be looking forward to enjoying some outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and delicious BBQs.


During this time of relaxation, reunions, and enjoyment, why not take a few extra minutes to put a little more love into the world? It doesn't take much to participate in Giving Tuesday, even during Golden Week.

Something as short as taking a moment to call your relatives or friends who couldn't make it to the reunion and let them know you're thinking about them and miss them. Hearing your voice rather than sending a message could really brighten their day.


Something as thoughtful as inviting a friend or coworker who you know will be alone during these holidays to spend the day with you could really help them know that someone cares about them. Go shopping together, visit a new cafe, have a bbq, or even take a nice walk around town or in the park.


Something as considerate as taking an extra trash bag and glove with you to pick up any litter you find while in the park, camping, or hiking will leave you feeling good. And leaving a place cleaner than you found it will make the next person who comes along happy as well. Mother Nature will be grateful to you, too!


And if all of these things are not something you can do during Golden Week, we've saved the easiest way to put a little love into the world for last. So easy you can do it each and every day. Give a warm smile and a kind hello to those around you! Your neighbor next door, the family walking by, the driver on the bus, and the staff at the stores. Just one smile and one greeting could really change someone's day.

Let's make Golden Week and every day feel like Giving Tuesday!






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