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The Golden Week Holiday

Did you know one of the busiest holiday seasons in Japan is at the end of April and the beginning of May?

That's right! This holiday season is known as Golden Week. It consists of four different national holidays that are within a single week every year; these days include Showa Day (April 29th), Constitution Day(May 3rd), Greenery Day(May 4th), and Children's Day(May 5th).

Showa Day is celebrated in honor of the birthday of the late Emperor Showa/Hirohito. Shō (昭) means "shining" or "bright", and wa (和) means "peace", signifying the "enlightened peace" that citizens receive.

Constitution Day is celebrated in honor of the ratification of the Japanese constitution. Constitution Memorial Day is a time to reminisce about the events of Japan's history. The National Diet opens to the public on 3 May every year for tours of the building.

Greenery Day is celebrated in honor of Emperor Showa's love of nature, including plants and flowers. Officially, as its name suggests, it is a day to commune with nature and to be thankful for blessings.

Traditionally Children's Day was a celebration of young men and boys. People often hang carp streamers outdoors for good luck for these young men. Now Children's Day has officially been a day to wish for the happiness of both male and female children since 1948. Today you can see a black carp for the father, a red or pink for the mother, and one carp (usually blue, and sometimes green and orange too) for each child. Traditionally, when celebrated as Boys' Day, the red koinobori was for the eldest son with blue and additional colors for younger brothers.

Given that there are so many national holidays during this week, many Japanese people love to travel and gather with family to eat their favorite foods. Often, many people will travel from big cities to the countryside to enjoy a breath of fresh air.

Now that you have a better understanding of the Golden Week holiday, what are your thoughts on sharing the Giving Tuesday spirit during this string of holidays? Comment below and let us know, or drop us a message on our contact page!





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