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Mirai no Mori Winter Party 2023


Please join as we celebrate our 10th anniversary at a very special event on December 7, 2023!This milestone in Mirai no Mori history is thanks to everyone contributed along the way: sponsors, program partners, care workers from care homes, program graduates & participants, camp volunteers and many others. And we want to celebrate with you all!


■Date: Thursday, December 7th

■Time: 19:00 ~ 21:00 (door opens at 18:30)

■Location: B&C HALL (5-minute walk from Tennōzu Isle) (KEEN exhibition venue)

■Fee per person: 8,000 yen (Early bird 7,000 yen till Thursday, November 16th)

- Including dinner and 2 drinks (cash on from 3rd drink)- All the proceeds would be a donation for Mirai no Mori

■Dress code: Casual- You can get a raffle ticket if you join us with your KEEN shoes!

■Guests: 200

■Registration Deadline: Wednesday, December 6th. (or as soon as tickets are sold out.)

---Event Contents---

■Delicious and ethical dinner catered by Farm Canning (

■Amazing raffle prizes

■Sharing stories from graduates

■Display of Mirai no Mori activities and history

■Games, etc.

---About ticket---

  1. In general, we cannot accept cancellations after tickets purchase. Please understand in advance.

  2. If you purchase tickets for multiple people, please enter at the same time as your companion or transfer the tickets online in advance. (How to transfer

All proceeds will go to funding future Mirai no Mori outdoor programs, creating life-changing experiences for children.Join us at the party and make a difference for the marginalized youths in Japan!

☆Organized by NPO Mirai no Mori (

☆Sponsored by KEEN Japan(





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