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What you can do for your mental health


For this week's #GivingEveryTuesday, let's talk about what we can do to support mental health.

Mental health has a huge impact on how we think, feel, and act. When our mental health is in turmoil, it often shows up as physical symptoms - lack of appetite, inability to sleep, restlessness, irritability, and so on. If left untreated, the mental turmoil can severely affect our life, work, and relationships.

According to the research conducted by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, about 4.2 million people in Japan are affected by some form of mental illness - that's 1 in 30 people!

Furthermore, on average, 1 in 5 people would be affected by mental illnesses at some point in their life.

These numbers show how common mental illnesses are - as common as cold or flu!

On the other hand, many people don't seek out help and still suffer in silence. This is due to the historical association of mental illnesses with taboos in Japan. Particularly with older generations who were raised with the spirit of tradition, obedience, and perseverance, they may find it difficult even to acknowledge that they are suffering.

Considering the higher rates of death by suicide in Japan, we need to change the trend and raise awareness for mental health and mental well-being.

Generous minds nourish healthy minds, and generosity leads to support.

Swipe to see what you can do today to support mental health.

If you have more ideas, please share them in the comments!





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