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10 Charity Organizations in Japan that YOU can get involved with!


As you may or may not know, this year, Japan is taking part in the movement of #GivingTuesday. Giving Tuesday Japan was kickstarted in 2023 by Tsunoda Stylings, an online international web agency. As you can probably guess, Giving Tuesday is all about GIVING - so much so that it is the world’s largest generosity movement. Giving Tuesday has active movements in more than 90 countries, working year-round to inspire generosity around the world, with a common mission to create a world where giving is part of everyday life.

In line with the idea of giving on a daily basis, today we are sharing 10 charity organizations within Japan that you can be a part of to make a difference. Let’s get started!

This organization offers countless opportunities (and bilingual ones in both Japanese and English, at that!) to volunteer, and their mission is to foster volunteerism and develop leaders to serve the needs of the community. They offer both volunteering for individuals and for corporations. Some of their initiatives include serving populations such as children’s homes, youth in need, special needs schools, and nursing homes.

This organization was founded in 1980, and it is all about sustainability. They have four main areas of work, or “themes,” as their websites refer to them, with several initiatives in each theme. Friends of the Earth Japan focuses on just and fair development, energy justice, climate justice, and biodiversity. This group hosts various activities and events as well as opportunities for volunteering. Furthermore, there’s an option to donate to the cause.

This group is dedicated to supporting the international community of Japan with their mental health needs. They offer a lifeline number and chat, counseling services, as well as clinics in Tokyo and Okinawa. TELL is also involved in the community, and they have extensive outreach programs, such as workshops, networking, and resources to help educate and support others. Regarding their volunteer options, you can volunteer as a lifeline support worker, at TELL events, and even in a TELL office.

Second Harvest is Japan’s first food bank and the only nationwide one in the country. Their goal is to create a food safety net in Japan by improving food security for those in need by helping companies deliver food to those populations. They bring food to children’s homes, single-mother shelters, centers for the disabled, and other welfare organizations. You can support this organization by donating food, money, or your time.

This association helps refugees who have fled to Japan to help them in their journey as they build a new life in Japan. Instead of fostering a society that provides better support “for” refugees, they want to create one that works “with” refugees. JAR offers help in the form of legal support, social support, integration support, and other activities such as advocacy and public relations campaigns for their cause. You can donate or work with them in other ways, such as through volunteering or working with them.

The mission of this organization is to “empower marginalized youth in the outdoors.” They host programs out in nature for children that have been neglected, abused, or orphaned. These camps incorporate diversity, the outdoors, and role models to help children enjoy these learning experiences. In their 10 years, Mirai no Mori has helped over 1,500 campers! You can support them by donating items, becoming a corporate sponsor, or through volunteering.

This organization seeks to improve animal welfare in Japan by working to create a society that protects and respects animals. Although this group was founded in Osaka, they also have networks in Sasayama and Tokyo. You can adopt pets from ARK, and they have a thorough process to make sure that the animals go to loving homes. If you want to get involved, you can help by donating items (they rely on donations!), becoming a member or animal sponsor, or volunteering.

Peace Winds Japan is a humanitarian relief NGO that is based in Japan but operates in other areas of the world as well. They serve people that have been affected by natural disasters and conflicts, in both emergency situations and for development and reconstruction assistance. They have been involved in projects throughout Africa, the Middle East, parts of Asia, and within Japan. You can donate to this organization to help support their efforts.

This Tokyo-based organization helps children to learn, connect, and heal through PLAY. The idea for Playground of Hope started by helping communities that had experienced a natural disaster. Since then, it has grown, and they have built more than 60 playsets, and they continue to revitalize play spaces in disaster zones and children’s homes. Playing helps children with their psychological and physical development, and so this group believes it is essential to support kids in this way, particularly those who live in at-risk areas and are prone to more stress and trauma, through building them playgrounds. You can take action to join their cause as a business or as an individual.

This organization is part of a larger international network called NGO Good Neighbors International. Their focus areas are education, health, water and sanitation, emergency assistance, income improvement, and poverty. Specifically in Japan, they have initiatives to combat children in poverty, advocacy activities such as campaigns and events, and emergency/reconstructive activities (earthquake support). You can get involved by sponsoring them, volunteering, or working with Good Neighbors Japan.

As you can see, there are so many ways to give all across Japan. There’s no need to wait until the day of Giving Tuesday (which is November 28, 2023, this year) to be generous through your time, efforts, or money, get started today! Read up on our website about even more unique ways you can participate and GIVE!





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