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Ishikawa Earthquake Relief

On January 1st, 2024, Japan was struck by a series of earthquakes.  These earthquakes started off of the coast of Aomori prefecture and intensified in Ishikawa prefecture.  The 5.7 quake that struck Ishikawa caused the catastrophic 7.6 that rocked the country.  Since New Year's, Ishikawa prefecture has continued to feel the aftershocks and have dealt with the aftermath to the best of their ability.  

According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, Noto, Ishikawa prefecture experienced 49 earthquakes on New Year's Day.  The New Year’s earthquake caused extensive damage to homes, but the biggest damage has been felt in the communities who have lost loved ones and important things that cannot be replaced.  

Our hearts and prayers go out to all of the families who have been affected in any way by the earthquakes through loss, displacement, and trauma. 

Ishikawa has received national and international aid. 

A few of these amazing organizations are 

If you’re interested in donating supplies, please check out todoke (Japanese only, but you can use your web browser translation option)

You can donate, send supplies, and even volunteer.  Be sure to check out each organization's protocols regarding these things, as they may have specific requirements for how things can be sent and the method they can be sent due to the structural damage to roads etc.  While we are happy to provide information on organizations within Japan that are providing earthquake relief, we encourage you to continue to do your own research on the companies we’ve provided and others that truly help the people affected by this disaster.  

Help, no matter how small, matters and makes a difference.


From the Official Ishikawa Prefecture Social Media Account:

The Ishikawa Prefectural Government now accepts donations to help with recovery from the 2024 Noto Peninsula Earthquake. We thank you all for the concern that people have expressed so far, and are deeply grateful for any donations we might receive.

All donations will be passed along to local governments in Noto, who will then distribute the money to the people there, who have been affected by the earthquake.

(You can also visit our website by clicking "Earthquake Info" in our account highlights.)

Donations are only accepted via bank transfer (remittance), both within Japan and internationally. Bank fees may apply when sending money. Details for sending donations are below.

Bank Transfer Information for Donations



Bank address: 1-1 Kuratsuki, Kanazawa, Ishikawa, 920-8203, Japan


Beneficiary account number: 103-0028593


Beneficiary address: 1-1 Kuratsuki, Kanazawa, Ishikawa, 920-8203, Japan





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