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GAJET is proud to present the 11th Annual I・CAN・JAPAN Charity Fundraiser! All welcome!! 英文の下に日本語版があります。

*** What is I Can Japan? ***

 I Can Japan (or simply I Can) began as an endeavour to support the communities affected by the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. Every year since then, GAJET has held the event as a symbol of love (愛, 'ai') and feelings (感, 'kan') for Japan. This is our way of giving back to the community that has been so welcoming and supportive of the international community, not only in Japan, but more importantly, in our Kingdom of Cabbages and Konjac™ , Gunma.

All are welcome to this event, so please invite your friends, family, coworkers and other community members!

*** Our Cause ***

 This year, all funds raised during the event will be donated to the Gunma Satoyama School for children with learning disabilities. The school’s main belief is that there is no correct answer to education and that children can learn in various ways. Instead of classrooms, this school is unique in that it teaches their students outside and engages in various outdoor activities. These include learning about farming methods, working with local communities to grow food, and how to co-exist with nature.

 The school relies solely on raised funds and donations. As educators, it’s important for every child to have access to an education. Donating will help allow students to continue having access to their education, as well as provide them with necessary supplies. Funding also greatly aids the school for the winter months when being outside can become difficult for the students.

For more information on Gunma Satoyama School, please click here to visit their website: ->


*** Event Details ***

 Date: Saturday June 22nd 2024

Time: 10:30am-2pm

Flea Market: 10:30am - 12pm

Trivia start: 12:45 - 2pm

Location: Maebashi Red-brick House 前橋市芸術文化レンガ蔵(前橋市三河町1-16-27)

Entrance fee: Any donation (¥500 for flea market sellers)

*** Flea Market***

 From 10:30am we will have a flea market, money board, raffles and some entertainment as part of our charity event! If you are a current ALT who will be leaving this summer, or just need to declutter and resize, this is a great opportunity for anyone leaving Gunma to get rid of some things while helping out! We ask anyone wishing to sell, to donate ¥500 to the cause.

*You are welcome to sell any items, however please no large electrical appliances or furniture. Small electrical appliances such as rice cookers, kettles, and game consoles are allowed. If you want to sell big things, you are allowed to bring pictures of it and sort out delivery and transportation at a later date.

Whatever profit you make on your personal sales is yours to keep!

If you are interested in selling items please fill out the Seller Form below:

*** Trivia Quiz & Raffle Prizes***

 From 12:45pm there will be a trivia quiz! Teams of 4-5 will be put to the test and win a prize! All trivia participants are asked to donate ¥500 to the cause (**sellers who previously donated do not have to pay to enter the trivia but are encouraged to give what they can to the charity)

All raffles will be held between each trivia round, finally ending in our last big prize! All prizes will be posted on GAJET’s socials within the next 2 weeks so keep an eye out!

So put June 22nd in your calendar and as teachers let’s raise money for this school!

*If you have any questions please send up a message or post on this event page. I CAN JAPAN 2024





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