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Non Profits + Community Organizations

GivingTuesday is a great opportunity to rally your community and engage supporters.

Sign up as a partner and use Giving Tuesday to increase donations, get more volunteers, raise awareness, and highlight how YOU make a difference.

From amplifying your mission to fundraising, rallying volunteers, to building a movement for your cause, there are hundreds of different ways to participate in Giving Tuesday.

How you choose to participate in Giving Tuesday is up to you! While many organizations fundraise on Giving Tuesday, others get creative with how they participate.

Food Donation

Here are a few ideas:

Host a festival (in-person or virtual) so that local residents can learn about the missions of several organizations.
Mobilize your community to give their voice for your cause – whether that involves signing a pledge, advocating for policy change or your mission.
Find ways to collaborate with others. Our community is bigger than just one organization

Registration for GivingTuesday

There is no registration for Giving Tuesday. All organizations, registered charities, or otherwise, are all welcome and encouraged to participate in Giving Tuesday.

No matter how you plan to participate, you’ll simply direct your supporters to your website, a landing page, or your social channels. If you are fundraising for Giving Tuesday, you can use any donation platform you like – most organizations use their website’s donate button, crowdfunding, or peer-to-peer tools of their choosing.

Giving Tuesday Partners are charities, social enterprises, companies, brands, community groups, schools - any organization that is committed to helping Japanese charities, non-profits, or the Youth Spark movement. 

Joining as a partner is FREE; all resources will be given through our website or email after signing up. Fill out the contact form or email us directly at

Giving Tuesday Japan
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