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Ignite the Fire. Let's Put the Fun Back in Farming. National Community Garden Project.

Together We Spark

On Giving Tuesday, young do-gooders, aged 6-21 from all over the world will lead volunteer projects, acts of kindness, and epic givebacks, proving that everyone has the power to make change in their communities and that everyone has something to give.

Participating in Giving Tuesday Spark is easy. There are countless ways to make a difference and help transform lives at home and around the world. 

Our national project is to start a community garden in every prefecture in Japan!  Contact us if your prefecture has already started or if you have ideas on how to get started in your area!

Giving Tuesday Japan

How To Participate


We have plenty of ideas for how to participate in GivingTuesdaySpark. Pick a project or cause close to your heart and start planning!

Rally friends and family to participate along with you - there’s more power when we give together.

Share with your school and your local newspaper, radio, or TV stations. Share on social media using the Giving Tuesday Japan and Giving Tuesday Spark hashtags - when we share our generosity, we inspire more of it.
Start a community garden in your prefecture. At your school! Or in your neighborhood!

Share Your Ideas and Stories

#GivingTuesdaySpark is all about encouraging young people to take action around the causes they care about most on Giving Tuesday.


Don’t forget to share your project on social media with hashtag #GivingTuesdaySpark and #GivingTuesdaySparkJP and inspire your friends and followers to give back too.

Interested in becoming a Spark Leader? Contact us to get started!


Together we can change the whole world.

Giving Tuesday Japan
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