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Places of Worship + Faith-Based Organizations

Here are some of the ways that churches, faith-based organizations, mosques, temples, and other places of worship have been participating in the Giving Tuesday movement:

There are several Giving Tuesday Community movements that have formed around faith.


These are nationwide campaigns, open to all organization that fit the appropriate criteria.


Some campaigns offer things like training, capacity building, donation tools, matches and prizes, but more importantly, camaraderie and an opportunity to work together.

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Ideas to Get Started:

Organize a food or clothing drive to benefit a local charity organization of your choice
Organize a Free Festival or Event
Spread Awareness About Giving Tuesday to Your Patrons and Visitors

Interested in Becoming a Partner or Sponsor?

Giving Tuesday Partners are charities, social enterprises, companies, brands, community group, schools - any organization that is committed to helping Japanese charities, non-profits, or the Youth Spark movement. 

Joining as a partner is FREE; all resources will be given through our website or email after signing up. Fill out the contact form or email us directly at

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