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Schools + Universities

Ready to join schools + universities around the world to create a wave of radical generosity?

What is Radical Generosity?


Radical Generosity is the concept that the suffering of others should be as intolerable to us as our own suffering.

There are lots of ways that students, staff or local educational fundraisers can get involved. Giving Tuesday is a great opportunity to support your school or other causes you care about. 

Check below for some ideas on how you can get started!

Giving Tuesday Japan

Generosity ideas for universities, schools, and students:

Encourage students lend their skills to a nonprofit or community organization
Teach a lesson about fundraising and how it will help those in the community

Interested in Becoming a Partner or Sponsor?

Giving Tuesday Partners are charities, social enterprises, companies, brands, community group, schools - any organization that is committed to helping Japanese charities, non-profits, or the Youth Spark movement. 

Joining as a partner is FREE; all resources will be given through our website or email after signing up. Fill out the contact form or email us directly at

Giving Tuesday Japan
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